A day off and time to reflect

A day off and time to reflect

I decided to look up what signs of anxiety I had and whether they were real or not. I found this:

I reckon I’ve got all of those.

It’s time to start making a diary (which this is, I guess!)

I feel better already having started it. Bear with me. Even though nobody’s reading it I suppose. Not even my wife knows about it. It’s embarrassing I guess.

Today I’ll think about Irritability

This is the one that gets me the most. I get so worked up at the office so when someone comes in and says something really innocent, I can take it the wrong way, and fly off the handle.

Last week I remembered when Carl from accounts came in and asked if he could borrow my stapler. Normally, it’s “yes, of course”, this time it was “Christ Carl, get your own bloody stapler.”

That needs to stop.

I’m going to see Carl and apologise, I really need to keep friends at work.

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